Letters to Mom

I’m finally getting to the point where I can talk about the loss of my mom. I’m going to finish the epic post I had started last month, but I’m also going to try this: I’m writing letters to her. I used to talk to my mom frequently- sometimes several times a day, but typically several times a week. We were very close and shared all the little details of the day. This blog ended up being a bridge for us and she was able to peek in at what I was up to whenever she wanted. Same with Twitter- she used to read through my timeline and the connection helped to melt the miles between us. The internet has been an extremely important part of our relationship since my move to England. Photos on flickr, tweets, posts, and privately hosted little films of places we travel- all so important and a huge driving force behind the regularity of uploads.

Now that’s changed and it makes the internet seem less important now. I know I’m grieving, but now I hope I’m coping. This is an experiment in coping.

Letters to Mom has its own category and the posts will be whatever I would tell her (and some of it may not be understood by anyone – but that’s not important).

Thank you, and I’ll try to get my internet interest up again. Motivations need to cope and adapt too.