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I had a great question in the comments of my earlier post on Free Shipping on a Single Item in Magento, and due to a family crisis, I forgot to respond until now. [Anna, my apologies – hope this doesn’t come too late!]

“Hi Jen, I understand your configuration to allow a single product free shipping. Any ideas on how to offer free shipping to a discount code word, when your shipping has varied rates due to varying weights? Aaaargh, I have 1000 postcards to go in my neighbourhood letterboxes offering free shipping with the code word of the suburb!
The only thing I can come up with is to make all my products the same weight, therefore the same shipping cost and discount the order by that amount with the code word.
What do you think?

I think I might have a solution for you, Anna, or perhaps this can help you create a better solution for your situation. I have tried it in my shop, and I think I’m getting the results you need.
A coupon code that gives free shipping, no matter how many items or weight combinations are in the customer cart.
Here’s how to do just that:
First, follow my instructions for creating the Admin Panel shipping method settings (click here to go to that post).

Second, go to Admin Panel > Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules.
Add New Rule.
Use these exact settings:
Rule Name: [you decide]
Description: [you decide]
Status: Active
Customer Groups: [select all, unless you have a reason not to]
Coupon Code: [something catchy for your customers to remember]
Uses Per Coupon: 1000000 [or whatever huge number is suitable]
Uses Per Customer: 1 [unless you want to allow multiple uses per customer]
From Date: [today, unless you have a later start date]
Priority: 0
Public in RSS Feed: No [unless you have a reason to say Yes]

Next section of the rule: Conditions: [ignore this section]

Last section: Actions:
Apply: Fixed amount discount
Discount Amount: 0
Minimum Qty Discount is Applied to: 0
Discount Qty Step (Buy X): 0
Free Shipping: For matching items only
Stop further rules processing: No
Apply the rule … :
If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:
Visibility is Catalog, Search [assuming all of your products are visible this way, it covers everything without depending on categories or SKUs]

That’s it. I tried all kinds of more complicated combinations (using Conditions for tablerates, different Actions, etc.,) but this seems to work consistently.

Hope it helps. I know I’ll use it in future!

6 thoughts on “Magento – free shipping any weight coupon code”

  1. I tried this, and it didn’t work. I also have another option, Magento, “Apply Shipping Amount” yes/no

    I need to set it up so customers can opt out for shipping and just do a pick-up instead for ALL products and any products. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Luke – thank you for reading.
    Unfortunately, I’m not on that version of Magento, so my answers would be wild stabs at best for a solution.

    My product doesn’t come from a physical shop, so it’s not something I’ll need to solve.

    Apologies for not being more helpful, but much luck in your quest.

  3. Hi Jen,
    thanks for sharing your knowledge of magento, it’s been really helpful !

    But I can’t make this one work… I set up the free shipping option to be available at 99999 $, activated it, and did what you posted here, but no free shipping option shows up at checkout… What am I doing wrong ?

    Thanks !


  4. Charles, I had the same problem. The solution was to go into system->shipping methods, and enable free shipping, but put the minimum at a really high number. For some reason, free shipping has to be enabled to use a coupon to give free shipping.

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