Fancy a good and simple sangria recipe?

Here’s mine (which was researched and developed exhaustively at Casa de Dixon Laboratories):

jEN’s Sangria

* Approximately 1 litre (of a 2 litre bottle) of fizzy clear lemonade (UK) or Sprite/7UP (US) – best if it’s gone a bit flat.
* Something between 0.7 and 1 litre of the cheapest Spanish red wine you can get (more expensive stuff actually makes a bad tasting sangria)
* Around 1 cup of the cheapest brandy you can get (hobo-proof plastic bottles are the best brands for this)
* Around a half a cup (or more to taste) of orange juice, spiked very generously with some fresh or bottled lemon juice
* 5 tablespoons of white, granulated sugar
* 1 rounded/heaped 1/8 tsp of cinnamon powder

1.) Pour out about 2/3 of the lemonade (but keep it!*) and stick a funnel into the 2 litre bottle.
2.) Pour in your cheap, cheap red wine. If it came in a Tetra juice box, you’ve got the best grape hooch for the purpose.
3.) Dump in your sugar and cinnamon.
4.) Dump in the very lemony orange juice.
5.) Dump in your abominable brandy.
6.) Close the bottle and shake until the sugar is dissolved. Open it back up carefully.
7.) Add lemonade until about an inch or two from full, cap, shake, taste.
Too sweet? Add brandy. Too wine-ish? Add brandy. Actually, more brandy will fix just about any problem with it…

Finish topping it with the leftover lemonade. Cap it and keep it cool. Serve on ice. If you’re feeling fancy, put it in a punch bowl or jug and garnish with fruit. As you can see in the photo below, I keep it in the 2 litre bottle, but I’d probably at least remove the discount brand lemonade label if we had guests… maybe.

I make shocking amounts of this all summer long. It usually ends up costing me under £5 for two litres of sangria. Not quite as cheap as it would be in Spain, but still, pretty cheap.

Go forth and get loose.

* You’ll be using some of it now, but you can save it in a lidded carafe for other uses or a future batch of sangria.

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