Jen, the content but neglectful blogger

Oh yes, I’m still here. Truth is, I haven’t had a lot to say recently. You see, I have found a level of contentedness I did not think possible – not for me anyway. With this satisfaction has come the peace of a quieter mind, and it’s something I’m savouring.

I’ve reached this state through a combination of factors: I’m still taking my anti-depressants (which make things so much easier in a general sort of way), I’m living rurally (in an incredibly beautiful place), and I’m getting healthier/fitter. Also, art and creativity are getting proper attention. I’m painting, taking risks with it, and liking the work. I’m also developing more ideas than I’ve had in many years combined. It is remarkable and has left me with less need for an online outlet or distraction.

I guess I took a little break from the blog. And that’s OK. I’m back, but I wanted to make sure I had something to say before I started typing. I’ve been posting lots to my Tumblr blog, but it’s not really a blog as much as it is a brain dump for imagery. It’s just “noise” I like, not blogging, really.

So yeah, I haven’t said much because it’s OK to be quiet and content. I think that’s probably the best reason to be silent here for a couple of weeks.

Here’s a picture of me from yesterday evening.

Neil and I went on an impromptu hike off the beaten track (and onto a beaten sheep track) to a stunning, and somewhat difficult to reach, cliff point at Strangles beach in Cornwall. From our home, it’s only a few minutes away by car. See that face above? That’s me in bliss. I think you can see why I haven’t been so worried about typing.