If I ever…

… get off my ass and record some music, this might be my album cover.

It’s just a photo I took with my iPhone today, but it says RARR! doesn’t it. 🙂

Now, to create some original tunes…
(after all the other million things I’ve got on my list… * sigh *)

3 thoughts on “If I ever…”

  1. When VH1 does your behind the music can I be in it? Then I could say I know someone on T.V. AND be on T.V. and that would pretty much kick ass!

  2. Dang! How can some people be so photogenic and the rest of us (me) so not.

    Potential Punk song titles inspired by your photo.

    Touch me (and I’ll break your face)
    My boots and I
    Camera (shut up and pose d***head)
    Abstract victim
    Absinthe loves me

    and so many more.

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