Mmm. Chocolate.

Crushed Diamonds, Filthy Rich, Orange Mantra… just a few of the goodies we sampled from the delightfully decadent Chocolate & Love.

Chocolate product review

Crushed Diamonds is a smooth, dark chocolate with a lightly crunchy surprise zing of cocoa nibs inside. The bitter of this dark chocolate is gentle but present and the lingering flavour after the truffle-like texture is divine. This could be a new favourite chocolate bar.

Chocolate product review

Parcari Ecuadorian Organic Chocolate has created Dark Chocolate Covered Sun Berries, and I gotta say, they are like eating sunshine. I’m not one who typically likes fruit and chocolate together, but there is a burst of sweet and natural texture in each flavour-packed tiny morsel. Unusual and delightful.

Chocolate product review

Moving on from there, the most unusual item on the chocolate menu was Yummy Mummy Conscious. First of all, I really don’t like the Yummy Mummy thing. Conjures up all the wrong imagery for me when I’m about to indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience. Beyond that, Conscious is a “Handmade raw chocolate with lucuma & yacon root. Free from pesticides, dairy, soya & gluten. Naturally sweetened with agave nectar.” No wonder I didn’t like it. It’s not chocolate to me. The texture is a soft, fudgy, buttery feel with an almost powdery cocoa smell. There’s a light minty hint that disappears as soon as you notice it, and then the unfinished, earthy mouthfeel leaves a chocolate lover totally unsatisfied. Shame, as I wanted to like it.

Chocolate product review

Filthy Rich and Orange Mantra are both on the same level as the gorgeous Crushed Diamonds. Quality, flavour, mouthfeel– all superb. Filthy Rich is a strong 71% but the bitterness is still not offensive. It has a solid ‘chunk’ sound when you bite into it and the rich flavour is almost like a liqueur. An exceptionally good dark.
Orange Mantra is the first orange chocolate I’ve ever liked. The orange is fresh and not so overpowering that the chocolate doesn’t get a say. Fine texture and a smooth and excellent aftertaste.

It was really a treat and an experience to try so many quality chocolates side by side. Each bar has a character and a range of subtle flavours and feels. I hear Chocolate & Love has a monthly Chocolate Club… Something I am very tempted to look into. (Just keep that Yummy Mummy outta my mailbox, thanks.)

Chocolate provided for the purpose of review by Chocolate & Love.
I have not been paid otherwise.

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