Clovelly, Devon

Clovelly is an historic fishing village in North Devon. The village is one of the most unique I’ve ever been to and I’ll tell you why:
No traffic.
I don’t mean a low amount of traffic; I mean no traffic. At all. Unless you count the sleds that the residents pull behind them with their groceries, building supplies, furniture, and whatever else you need for modern life. Restaurants and tea rooms, hotels and pubs– all their ‘stuff’ comes down the winding cobblestone streets of Clovelly on sleds. It’s amazing.

Resident cars appear to be parked at the top of the village and sleds are scattered everywhere. In the few hours we spent in Clovelly, we saw probably half a dozen residents getting on with their daily business, tugging sleds of goods behind them. Getting things uphill? That’s easy– donkeys.

According to the Clovelly village website:

Unusually, the village is privately owned and has been by the same family since 1738. Their policy is to care for Clovelly and keep it in the style of mid C19th, which involves much quality maintenance using traditional materials and craftmanship.

See my flickr pages for more Clovelly photos.

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