Goodbye, SL6

Yesterday was the final visit to the flat in Maidenhead (postcode SL6). We met the independent inventory expert – who happened to be the same person that checked us into the flat three years ago – and things seemed to go well. For three years wear and tear, she had comments like, “did you live at all in this room” and “after three years I would expect to need a complete redecoration, but not here”. We’re hoping this means good things for the deposit amount we receive back from the estate agent.

We left her to do her job (which can take up to a couple of hours), went to the town centre for the last time, and then out for a meal with family. We did close to nine hours total in the car yesterday – Cornwall to Maidenhead to Cornwall – but Neil and I enjoy each other’s company so much that long car journeys are not a problem. Plus, it felt good to know that we were closing the Maidenhead chapter. The town served us well and was my introduction to the UK, but after five years total there, we have moved on in our hearts and minds.

Hello, Cornwall. Thank you for being our new home.