Yashica 635 Twin Lens Reflex Camera

New, old camera baby arrived today.

Neil owned a TLR camera in the past but I have not, though the idea of it has been dancing around in my mind for a few years (mostly because these cameras are GORGEOUS).
Thanks to a pair of well-timed eBay auctions — we sold something that covers the cost of this — we are now the proud parents of this remarkable camera. It came with the instruction manual, leather case, and the much-sought after 35mm from 120mm adaptor kit. Now it’s a matter of getting some film and having a play. I reckon that playtime will wait until after we move to the new house (an event now hurtling towards us at a new, alarming speed) but the tradeoff will be a marvellously photogenic region of the country in which to test the Yashica.

Also newly added to our arsenal of image capturing equipment: the rare, Vivitar 35mm Slim Camera (Ultra-Wide Lens).

I got a toy camera today! Thank you, @ndixon!

Yes, it’s ugly and cheap and very plastic, all manual with no batteries or focus controls, but it takes dreamy photos (from what I’ve seen). They don’t make this toy-quality camera anymore, but Neil found one new on Amazon.co.uk and the price was right.

A year or two ago, I couldn’t justify the expense of film processing for the level of photography I was doing, but I feel I can now. I still love digital, but the challenge of getting the shot with film is one I had to grow in skill and confidence first before tackling.
This has taken years and thousands of photos.

I have played with my SQ-35 cardboard camera (and I have another vintage camera that seems fully functional though I’ve only used it for Through The Viewfinder shots, no film in it yet) but I had to come to a point of satisfaction with my digital photography, with its delightful ability to erase and reshoot, before really gambling with film. I’m ready now.

This is going to be fun!