Not this time, Macheist. Blame Flow.

** UPDATE ** (I put this here so you can keep it in mind as you read on.) Apparently the creators of Flow, Extendmac didn’t write the copy, Macheist did. Shame on you Macheist.

I am normally thrilled when a Macheist bundle comes out, and have purchased several over the years. I typically find them good value and a fine showcase of some of the brightest applications out there.

I’m giving it a miss this time, and I’ll tell you why.
The app is called Flow, and I strongly dislike their marketing strategy of trash-talking their target competition, the long-standing and respected application Transmit.

Are you still using Transmit, an app that dates all the way back to MacOS 8? Well, if so, then it’s time to make room for the new kid in town… Flow


And we’re not talking about a gimped editor…

I use Transmit, but I’m not attached to it in some fanatical way. It does what I need it to do and it does it well enough for me to keep on with it. Truth is, I use a fraction of its capabilities. I started using Transmit after being a die-hard Fetch user for years. I would change again if the right app came along, and maybe Flow is that application, but after reading their distasteful copy, I have no plans to put any cash their way. As for donating to charity through the purchase of a software bundle? I can donate directly to charity, and have (we donated to Haiti).

Two people I’m close to have posted about this rubbing them the wrong way as well, and I’ll let you check out their words on the matter here and here.

I’m surprised Macheist has allowed Flow’s low-class snarky marketing to remain. What a shame.

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  1. I did a bit of digging to see who was to blame (strong word, I know) for the sniping text – and according to this tweet, it was copy that MacHeist wrote, not ExtendMac themselves.

    I totally get that Panic don’t do MacHeists, but it just strikes me as petty trash-talking.

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