It took longer than I thought it would

Facebook. Yes, I joined it. You may remember my loathe for the social network and that has turned into a kinder, gentler strong dislike for the platform. Why did I do it? A couple of reasons: most importantly, my business. Whether I like it or not, Facebook is important for business. This isn’t a post about that, so I’ll leave that point there. The other major reason is that when I knew I’d be moving a considerable distance from the circle of friends I have built near London, the ability to easily stay connected with one another became a concern. Those two factors made avoidance impractical. Hello Facebook, I have a dish to pass.

Yesterday was the first day I stopped to evaluate my growing involvement in the social media network. I got a political/religious invitation to a group I don’t support from someone I like. It’s a cause that I have never liked and it is a known trigger for actions ranging from arguments to much, much worse. Not going to go into it here, but I want to stay well away from it in my social life. There are plenty of causes I feel strongly about, but I only discuss them with people I know very well, and not online. Facebook makes the passionately pushy hard to avoid. Invitations to events and groups are intrusive and I delete/ignore a handful of them everyday. I strongly dislike the Facebook user interface and its clunkiness, and even more than that, I object to not being able to turn off invitations and events from individual users. I get blanket event invitations from people in the US on a range of their personal interests that I could never attend, and often, have zero interest. Facebook is now a management chore nearly as much as it is a way for me to keep in casual contact with friends and acquaintances, and to grow my business.

If I’m missing something in the control of Facebook – some setting or ritual involving daggers and candles – do let me know. But for now, Facebook is leaving me feeling a little uncomfortable. (As I knew it eventually would.)

4 thoughts on “It took longer than I thought it would”

  1. I get stupid invitations to stuff all of the time, I just ignore them all now. Bob just leaves them sitting there, so he probably has several hundred invitations awaiting a response. I don’t think there is a way to stop them, unfortunately.

  2. I find the actualy process of posting to, and commenting on, people’s activity streams in Facebook pretty reqarding. All the rest of it? Tha applications and pages as badges of afflitaion or campaigning? Just darn annoying.

    The problem is that segment of people for whom Facebook increasingly is the internet – their first desitnation and where they find other content. They seem to like all the stuff we find annoying…

  3. That’s why I like Twitter, it’s so much less work than Facebook. Don’t send me your chickens from farmville or a gun from mafia wars. Way less drama on Twitter too. WOW! It feels good to get that off my chest…thanks jEN!

  4. Invatations? I think it’s because your just so darned intresting.
    No invites here. Just lots of hot teenage single girls (some times only wearing underware) wanting to be my friend.
    Um, I’ll be 40 this year?
    All I can say is, from us nonbloging losers, welcome to greatest time suck in America…or the world for that matter.
    What the hell is farmville anyway?

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