Farewell, Maidenhead

Maidenhead. My home of the last five years, my first five years in the UK. I have friends here- new friends made during my adjustment and settling here in this new country, new relationship, new home, new customs and new experiences. I received my British Citizenship in Maidenhead.
I almost know my way around. But it’s time to move on.

To this house…
The new residence in Cornwall

Hello, house in Cornwall. Prepare to receive my hideously large collection of books. * mwah *

6 thoughts on “Farewell, Maidenhead”

  1. Awaah! Jen, that’s…well I don’t have the words.
    The house looks/sounds great!
    Dare I say I feel somewhat proud to have a friend not afraid of the the many life changes you’ve experienced.
    Just so happy for you.

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