Under the weather and flu the woods

Or perhaps not a flu. The fine husband and I were both taken down with full body aches and fever/chills, but we seem to have come through it. Working from home means we are out and about very little and so I wouldn’t be surprised if some enthusiastic junior virus thought he’d start building a reputation for himself and pester us for a spell.

Better now, pleased to report, and bloody tired of the snow and ice. It can’t compare with what my friends and family are feeling, but one must consider that England is a country crippled by an inch of snow. The action plan seems to involve headless chickens and bemusement. For this weather (or worse) I was actually better off in the northern United States. Ah well. We’ll get through… even though I have never seen a snow shovel in my part of England. Or anywhere that sells them. Or bags of sidewalk/pavement salt. (These things might change since this has happened a couple of years in a row now. Or not. Probably not…)

Wherever you are, hope you’re warm and well, and that your local government doesn’t shut its eyes tight and rock back and forth muttering ‘make it all go away’ quite as much as this one does. 😉