I’m not sure why, but I did…

Yup. I tried oysters tonight. Two of them. The first was huge– pornographically so. I ate it with a squeeze of lemon juice. The second, was a bit smaller, and I slurped it down with a touch too much Tabasco sauce. Now that I’ve had two oysters, I can say without a doubt that we are not made for each other. I’m real good at taking a fist full of vitamins in one shockingly capable mouthful, but gulping down an oyster big as a shaved hamster is not really my thing. I gave it a go. Twice, to be certain.

The oysters were the appetiser to tonight’s meal. It’s my birthday and we ate damn well. If you follow me elsewhere you may have seen me say the following, which deserves to be repeated:

“I am fat as a whale stuffed with other, smaller whales.”

It was a fine evening. Oysters and all.

8 thoughts on “Gullet-buster”

  1. Impressive! I’ve never been brave enough to try oysters. Now caviar…that’s nice, shame it’s so expensive!

  2. An oyster memory….
    One New Years, years and years ago, in St. Louis, Mo. I went out with some partying friends to the downtown area. Not surprisingly, we danced and drank, and drank and drank and danced and less surprisingly, we got very drunk. Met a lovely woman at the club and we walked next door to an oyster bar. The first time I had ever eaten oysters but- at the time- it sounded “fun” and a “great idea.” So I think I ate about 12 of them.
    It was that night, I also saw my first girlfriend, Laurie, (elementary school) and we only smiled at each other as we danced with other people. As I was leaving, a gut full of nasty oysters, I saw her- for the very last time- walking down the street alone in the opposite direction.

  3. Hahaha this really tickled me. A pornographically large oyster that resembled a shaved hampster? Amazing! I’m glad you’re not a fan, I hate the things! Happy belated birthday by the way!


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