Selling my art at Art on the Street, Maidenhead

What an excellent weekend! Neil and I both sold work and it was a brilliant success – especially for our first time in the wild with our art. We will certainly do it again.

Thanks to Boville’s (our local art shop on the High Street) and Maidenhead itself for making it all happen.
We are very happy and tired now. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Selling my art at Art on the Street, Maidenhead”

  1. LOL – my French is appalling… it’s been a looong time since high school language class. 🙂

    And yes, a warm cocoa is a great idea! I’m off to put the kettle on now.

  2. Super nice!
    So what was the sales breakdown. You mentioned you were throwing some photography in the mix to see what people would gravitate toward.
    Not that I’m an American capitolist pig or anything. No really, the psychology of “what do people like” is always fascinating.

  3. Between Neil and myself, we sold around 10 prints and illustrations (plus about 10 greeting cards), and the most expensive single piece was a £100 framed illustration from his side (his work was on the back of the same fence panel as mine.)

    All in all, a very good first experience and a successful first art market in Maidenhead; they want it to be annual now. There were 52 artists exhibiting at this one, and they want to double it for the next event.

    No photography went, but I didn’t see anyone else doing photography either. I put them in to see if people would look – and they did – but it wasn’t what grabbed sales. Worth checking the reactions though, so I’m glad I put it in.

    I got lots of interest in my paintings, but they are a bit pricy for what people passing by are willing to spend on a whim. I got lots of business cards into people’s hands and we have both got fans now. That’s very gratifying.

    I should do a debrief post… I still have art to sell 😉

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