Interesting times

I’ve been a bit wrapped up in things lately; I’m getting ready for an art fair (where I’ll be selling my work), and my business venture hasn’t exactly gone smoothly. In fact, it all came to a screeching halt and at the beginning of this week we called a meeting with the other party and by the end of the day the relationship was essentially severed. Now we’ve been contacted to reconsider. Deary me, this has been a mess. I’d love to tell you all about it in gory detail, but I shouldn’t and won’t.
Not one to sit around, I had already started getting some freelance work in before the email came today, and I’m not sure what will happen after we talk with the other party tomorrow. I suspect something has broken, and it will be difficult to look past it now, but who knows. Perhaps I’ll be a fancy booze peddler by the end of the week, and perhaps not. I’m not allowing myself to feel emotion about it. If the negotiations go well, great; if they don’t, I’m already working on Plan B. Whatever happens, I’ve gone long enough without getting paid and need to start earning again.

I’m feeling oddly calm about it all.

Back to art: Projects are going well and I should have some excellent work to exhibit at the Maidenhead Art thing… Crumbs- I don’t remember the exact name of the event, but it is on December 11 & 12. I’ve never done anything like it, so I’m really looking forward to the experience. If I don’t sell anything, it will be disappointing, but not anything I can’t bounce back from. The past few months of starting my own online business have taught me a lot about ups and downs and overcoming obstacles. I’m also using my online shop knowledge to help build an art sales site with Neil. All good.

So by the end of this week, I either have a new contract in place or I don’t. Also, after the 12th of this month, I’m either an earning artist or I’m not. I’m oddly OK with these uncertainties.

For now 😉

2 thoughts on “Interesting times”

  1. Aargh!…them $@#*+¥%’s. Not sure why your so calm and I’m so worked up. (breath) If your happy, then I’m happy. Knock’em dead at the art fair woman.

  2. Oh, sorry to hear it’s not going to plan! Still, at least you have a Plan B, which is good. Take care honey xx

    (It’s called ‘Art on the Street’.)

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