That was both stupid and expensive.

I knocked into my tripod (it was behind me and I was in my office chair) and the camera and 50mm lens were onboard. The lens would not come off. It was ruined, so Neil took a hammer and screwdriver to it. Camera still works but I’m now looking to replace the lens (£83) and the polarising filter (£57).

It has been an expensive morning and a really shitty way to learn my lesson on leaving a camera attached to a tripod when it’s not in use.

2 thoughts on “That was both stupid and expensive.”

  1. Lol, A hammer and screw driver to a sensative camera lens…I love it! But let’s be realistic. I’m certian some duct tape, crazy glue and a bit more hammering will have that lense right as rain.
    Remember our male maxim, “if the the ladies don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”
    Us guys can fix anything…even if it ain’t broke.
    A true kindred spirit that Neil is.
    No use crying over spilled milk. I’m sure Neil will hook you up with an upgrade.

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