Filling available space

The past few days have been heavy-going. Cutting NaNoWriMo out of my November equation has been a smart move but as with so many of the tasks and projects I take on, they grow to fill the space available to them. I’ve ramped up the painting to prepare for December and the business launch is waiting on a few technical details to slot into place. NaNoWriMo didn’t stand a chance this year.

But hey, I proved last year that I can write a novel in a month, so that still leaves me with eleven other months to choose from in any given year. (Perhaps I’ll start picking one with thirty-one days instead.) I love NaNoWriMo (and have donated to the organisation two years in a row) but although it’s encouraging to go at it with a world of other writers at the same time, writing can and should happen anytime. Like art. And I’m doing a lot of art right now. Perhaps since I’m getting ready for an event in December, art and November 2009 have become my National Art Producing Month. Too bad it doesn’t make for a snappy abbreviation… NaArProMo… NatArProMo… that one almost works.

It’s stormy and horrible with gale winds in the south of England. I told you a couple posts ago about my new lightbulbs. Freaking fantastic. And they’ve really been put to the test over the past couple of days, let me tell you.

Now, back to some art time.