It’s dark. It’s light!

I know, it’s winter. Still, it’s dark, and it is getting to me perhaps more this year than in the past. I have been as unstable as a rollerskating waitress on her first day at the drive-in.

I bought an amazing light bulb to help me cope, and it’s working a treat. It’s a daylight, full-spectrum thing that puts out the equivalent of 150 watts, even though this eco-wonder is only 30w. It’s amazing and the best part? (Well, the best part aside from keeping me from drowning in a pit of winter darkness despair…) We can see our art better. It’s perfect to see colour properly and far superior to the compact fluorescent eco thing I had in the overhead light before today. It also switches on to full brightness immediately.
As for my mood? I also feel more energised and definitely more positive.

I finished a couple of paintings today– things I had started in stages a week ago.
Here’s one:

“Underneath” – mixed media on A2 paper

The other is on flickr.

Being able to see properly is really inspiring. Such a simple thing, but not always easy to solve without an army of lamps. If you’re in the UK and you are an artist, crafter, or suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, I encourage you to have a look at these daylight bulbs (and try voucher code: MAH EGA):

If you’re not in the UK, I’m sure you can find another shop that stocks them. It’s worth it. Every. Damn. Penny. (The shop I bought from happened to be half the price of other places I checked and I received the bulbs next day.)
I can’t believe how many years I’ve needed this solution and went without.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid product review and I am not affiliated with the shop I’m mentioning (They give every customer a voucher code, so I ain’t special.); I’m just genuinely thrilled with the product and I feel better using it.

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  1. I placed a second order and put one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Amazing difference. I hope you love yours too. 🙂

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