What I did last night

Been busy, as is the norm lately, and worked on the new business last night for only as long as I could. Gears changed.
Then this happened:

“Bedroom I” (that’s a Roman numeral, not an ‘i’)
Acrylic and charcoal on acrylic paper. A2 / 16.5 x 23.4 inches.

I put photos of it up on flickr and tweeted it live as I was working, so if you’d like to see the painting evolve and develop, go check out my flickr stream. It was interesting to do it ‘live’ because it meant I had to stick with it, get it out, and make it happen. It was like a deadline or having a studio audience. I’ll likely never video the process (you’d unfortunately get lots of shots of the back of my head and hear me sing all kinds of weird rubbish from my iTunes) but taking quick iPhone photos and tweeting seemed unintrusive enough.

More where this came from, you can believe it.