November – a month to celebrate!

This is a November to celebrate. I’ll soon have a new business open and operating, a second novel draft in the bag after the close of another NaNoWriMo, and a body of work prepared for my first ever art fair booth (fair taking place in early December). If all that isn’t enough, on the fifth of this month — glorious, wet and dreary November — I have a reason to look at the dropping leaves as though they are confetti: I’ve been in England for five years. (* insert bonus graphic here * “NOW WITH 100% ADDED CITIZENSHIP!”)

That’s right. Five years. Adjusting to life an ocean away from friends and family has had it’s downs, but in general, life abroad has been a wonderful experience. I feel very settled now, especially after becoming a citizen, and my relationships here are solid and have five years of history behind them. My US life will always be ‘where I’m from’ and the core of me, but I have a broader definition of ‘home’ now– home is where I am comfortable, and that means the US and the UK equally. And one day, I expect that home will also include Spain.

This year, autumn leaves feel like a celebration. Hooray for November 2009!

3 thoughts on “November – a month to celebrate!”

  1. Is the Art Fair you refer to the ‘Art on the Street’ thing in Maidenhead? If so, I know the woman running it. If not, I can give you details of it if you’re interested?

  2. Yup- that’s the one. Neil and I have booked stalls. Should be interesting! (and cold… December! brrr!)

  3. Excellent! Bob and I will be coming along to it, so we shall come and visit your stalls. (Marie, the manager at Boville Wright, is a friend of mine.)

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