Mac and brains

My brain is mush today. My new business isn’t launching on my (self-set) deadline due to things I can’t control. I’m making the best of it and looking at it as a way to further polish the stuff I’m doing. It also means I’ve been able to add a lot more products than I was originally going to launch with. Not a bad thing.

But my brain is mush. About a half-hour ago I realised I forgot to take my ‘meds’ (a variety of herbs and oils that help me with my ADHD brain chemistry)– boy howdy! that messes with me more than I thought. I have kinda taken the morning off. I also didn’t work past six or seven last night. A first for a long time. In doing that, I wonder if I broke my brain! Total disruption to the routine I’ve had for weeks. Whatever the reason or trigger, today I’ve played a video game for an hour (Brutal Legend on PS3), made Mac & Cheese from scratch, worked on a painting, paid the Council Tax, got the grocery shopping done, and did a load of dishes. Now it’s time to knuckle down and hope my brain plays ball. Even if it doesn’t, it must.

At least I don’t have to cook dinner tonight. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mac and brains”

  1. Ugh!
    Jen, the anticipation is making me sick. I simply have got to see the project you have been working on for this long and this hard. I know it’ll blow my socks off and I just want to see it already.
    (sigh) Ok, patients is a virtue I’ll cling to for a bit longer.
    Brain turn to mush?
    Woman you had the clarity to make home made mac&cheese. If that ain’t a sign of a sound body and mind, then I’m totally screwed.
    Whew, I feel better now.
    Yins hang in there’n that. We’re pullin for ya and I’ll throw back an iron to seal the deal. (been in pgh far to long)

  2. 😀 Thank you Steve! Yes, all will be revealed soon. I know that the initial growing pains of the business will subside once the shop is open. It’s a good lesson in dealing with stuff I can’t control too. It’s not my idea of a ‘comfort zone’ but probably good for me. And I can confidently say… the shop looks pretty sweet. (I could be biased though… 😉 )

  3. Ha! To quote one of my favorite movies, “without change something sleeps deep within inside us. The sleeper must awaken.”
    And while we’re having fun, and you bring a writer and all, do you remember “conjuction junction what’s your function”?

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