Pasta and song

The most wonderful of evenings has happened and is happening here at home. Neil has begun a wild and focused love affair with the hand-crank pasta machine and so we started with the crazy idea to make fresh pasta for dinner — a most indulgent, yet simple dinner — and after bowls of heaven (which were dressed with my no-recipe amazing alfredo sauce and olive oil fried cherry tomatoes) then he went back to make more! I followed and we spent an evening in the kitchen. I sang along to music and tidied up, and he cranked pasta for the freezer; all was as right with the world as can be.

An evening like this one deserves more than a 140 character Twitter blurb. It deserves to go in the archives here, where I can gush a little.

Also, let it be written, that Neil makes better homemade pasta noodles than I do. They were fantastic. He’s got a new job around here, that much is certain. I’ll keep the flour and eggs ready.