Getting closer to launch

So this business thing. I announced it on a forum, on Twitter, and now here…

I’m now running an all new shop at There was an absinthe shop there already, but it’s gone, mine is in the final stages of development, and I’ve throw a quick splash page up for the continuity of relevant content. It’s all very exciting!

The launch is going a tiny bit slower than I wanted as the shop is in association with a company in Germany, and they have to get certain things sorted on their end before my stuff can launch, but all in all I’m extremely positive about the whole thing. I don’t miss the old part-time job at all (I’ve even been too busy to miss people much!) and I’m working my ass off on stuff I love.
Absinthe + web = happy girl.

I was aiming to get the site launched by next Friday, but the guy taking care of certain stuff is on holiday and won’t be back in until late next week. I could be frustrated with this (especially as I didn’t know he was going on holiday during, what I consider, a critical time) but I’m cool as anything. I’m looking at it as a little extra time to get everything just right. The whole business opportunity came on like a whirlwind and it’s not going to hurt to have a few extra days to smooth the edges and knead out any kinks. I probably could have launched on my original schedule, but this way is going to get me more sleep.

So, I shall launch when I launch, and it will be ready when its ready. I have plenty to keep me busy until then. 🙂

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  1. Found you Matt! I don’t know why your comments always get stuck…
    And thank you! I’ll certainly be making an announcement as soon as I can! BTW, feel free to let me know what your favourite brands are. I’m still planning out my product line and release stages. 🙂

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