What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happenin’

I’m installing Spotify on the hulking old computer with more hard drive space than this one simply because I need to see if the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Jesus Christ Superstar is in their database. I know I could’ve checked through the installation on this machine, but I wanted Spotify on the other anyway. Besides, the anticipation and uncertainty are a little buzz of their own… I don’t get out much, you see. Related: I may have had too much coffee already.

[Oh poo. Several cast albums but not the one from the film. No good. I grew up in the 1970s in a household without religion, so Ted Neeley IS Jesus for me. 1996 London cast Jesus just won’t do… I digress and this could certainly be a blog post of its own.]

So the question is the title of the post: What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happenin’!

On finding a new home:
The holiday in Spain was filled with torrential rain for the first few days thanks to a storm donut that seemed to be stuck on the point of coastline we were enjoying our tapas from, but nature didn’t dampen our spirits. Neil and I looked at two properties when we were out there (I’ll post pictures to flickr) to get a feel for what it’s like to walk through and touch that which we only see on house-hunter television programs. It’s been a long time since I went on a house-hunt and it was thrilling in a very business-orientated way. Value, structure, location, etc. etc. etc. — all whirling around in the glowing blue skies and sunshine that emerged after the storms. It was no trouble looking for a leaky roof and to the credit of the builders, no leaks were found in either property.

We came away from the property viewings with a refined sense of what we want and don’t, what locations are suitable, and most of all that we can get more for our money than originally thought. Flights are cheap, and I know we’ll be doing more house-hunting in Spain when we can slip away from England for a few days.

In the meantime, the plan is to move to Cornwall in the spring. It’s beautiful, it’s cheaper, and it’s filled with artists and galleries. For Neil and I to get a foot in the door of selling our work, we think it’s the best choice for our next home. We won’t be buying a property, but for what we’re spending here in Maidenhead on a flat, we could get a four bedroom detached house with a garden in Cornwall. All that and it would still be significantly cheaper per month. Insane, isn’t it? We think so too. So to move to Cornwall, keep doing our internet work, and get busy selling art whilst saving more money for a house in Spain, yup, that’s the buzz. That’s what’s happening.

On work life:
I’m back to my desk and working hard on my new business. I’m trying to launch it by the end of next week (or sooner!) and the holiday, although planned way back in January or February, couldn’t have been scheduled for a worse time. However, I have a secret to share: starting a business was a surprise. It’s hard to explain without giving too many details, but it’s safe to say that certain online activities and transparency seem to have brought me to the attention of certain people who then opened up an opportunity– one I would’ve been foolish to turn down. I had never thought about opening the type of business I’m about to launch, but now I can’t understand how I let something so obvious go unconsidered. It’s hard work, and I’m loving it. I’d unveil it today if I could because I want to tear down the curtains and reveal it all, but I know that it’s still going to take a week of hard, long hours to make it happen the way it should. Enthusiasm is being kept in line by reality and the desire to get it all right the first time. Not always an easy path for someone who often assembles furniture without looking at the instructions first. 😉

There’s more, yes, but this post has taken enough of your time and mine this morning. I think it might be time for a snack and another coffee. I’ve set Spotify to Alternative music of the 80s. So far I’ve heard one of my favourite Descendents songs, John Wesley Harding is on now, and I see some Laibach is coming up.
It’s going to be a good day at the desk.