The sexy reality of working from home

Try to contain your uncontrollable lust.
If I had shown the other foot, you’d see that the knitted big toe of that sock is mostly missing. Since it’s early evening, I decided against showing so much nekkid flesh. You’re welcome.

Things are going well. The new business is a web shop and I’m a builder monkey on fire. Picking products, writing descriptions, inputting silly amounts of data and hitting the save button like I’m on an assembly line with no other task. It’s long nights at the computer (in sexy footwear), but I’m having a really good time doing it all. It won’t be long before I can reveal all and throw around some appropriate links etc. (and product recommendations, of course 😉 ) but for now it’s still hush-hush.

The one thing I can reveal is that I’m really getting to grips with the Magento eCommerce platform. It’s big, it’s complicated, but it’s beginning to make sense more and more each day. Learn-by-doing, and boy howdy, am I doing.

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