Happy is on

It’s been a long time since I felt this good. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the part-time job when it was good (which was often, thankfully), but now that I’m on my own schedule again and feeling much more in control of my brain than I did even a year ago, I am all systems happy.

I’m enjoying working hard on the new business and really loving the luxury of weekends off. I didn’t work every weekend at the part-time job, but I worked most Sundays and that’s enough to throw a kink in any plans for getting away or doing a big weekend project. No more. Today, I did some long-needed DIY:

The flat came with a rickety old sideboard and it’s not been good for much beyond spider habitat on the balcony. Now? I’ve reinforced the bottom and back of the unit (which were half gaping and warped) to create a useful space. Sorry, spiders. The balcony is so delightfully climate controlled (it’s brick and only open on one side which never sees direct sun) that I’m able to keep wine and absinthe in the sideboard without any worries. The unit itself is in an alcove (tight fit) and so it is perfectly insulated with cool brick on each side. Perfect. And now, perfectly stable.

The project wouldn’t have happened if I were working tomorrow. I didn’t realise how wasted my Saturdays were until today. They were always the HURRY UP day of the week as I knew that Sunday would be a loss. No more…

There’s a lot of positive change in this household lately. We’ve been ramping up the things that matter and weeding out the things that don’t. Art, music, photography, writing – all priority and making the time for them is making us happier people. Neil and I are both focus-challenged (you’ve heard me talk plenty on ADHD) and having the part-time job stripped out of the equation means one less disruptive and distracting element in our lives. I’m glad I did it, but I’m more glad I’m done with it.

Related: I think I want a tool belt. 😉

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  1. I had a tool belt that I had barely broken in, but alas, it is still in the US… Might be time to find one on this side of the pond. 😀

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