A little taste of America

I don’t often crave foods from my American past, but I had an odd longing for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese a week ago and gave in to the lure of Stateside Candy Company. I’ve ordered from them before and it’s because of them that I put Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on just about everything that isn’t a bowl of cereal. I have no affiliation with SCC, I just think their service and product range are tops. (Prices are typically a little lower than their competitors too!)

So today I gave in only an hour or so after receiving the delivery and I made a Maruchan Ramen for elevenses. I just ate half a bag of Ruffles for lunch. I will likely have Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (or is that Cheese and Macaroni? 😉 ) with fishsticks/fishfingers for dinner.

The Velveeta was a bit pricey but will make a glorious small pot of my family’s famous Cheesy Potato Soup.
Nom nom nom…

Must remember to eat some vegetables!

7 thoughts on “A little taste of America”

  1. They do, but it’s not easy to get non-chicken/pork/beef flavours.
    Ramen is sadly a special treat in this household!

  2. Wow a household without Ramen is a sad, sad place. How do you survive without 39 cent lunch options?

  3. Ooooh, Kraft dinner! Didn’t think I’d ever crave it but I do!!! Must check out this SCC … maybe they deliver to the middle of nowhere? 😉

  4. Yeah I know! I didn’t think about it much and then got hit with a bizarre craving for it out of the blue! As for delivery to your area, I have no idea… Worth enquiring!

    UPDATE: http://www.americansweets.co.uk/terms-conditions.asp
    Shipping to Portugal £22.99. Might be worth it if you make a big order! 😀
    (I also hear from someone on Flickr that ASDA sells Kraft Mac & Cheese at just under £1.10 per box… might be worth having DaddyP send you a care package!)

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