Oh, hello!

I’ve been neglecting regularjen.com as I ramp up activity with “The New Life.” The New Life involves quitting the part-time job, starting a business, and making art a priority. So far so good, I’m pleased to report.

I took the above photo today in the Tesco car park in Slough. We had to run an errand and popped in for a Krispy Kreme donut and coffee (oh, the arm-twisting I required for that). I’ve been taking several photos over the past 24 hours, mainly because I now have an iPhone. You may have noticed the heavens open up, sunbeams, and the sound of angels singing. That’s kind of how it feels to have one. It does ANYTHING. Well, anything I could need and more. Oh, and it also MAKES PHONE CALLS! Can you believe it?! It rocks, and my productivity is already increasing thanks to what I can do with it when I’m on the move. I imagine people using Blackberry devices probably feel a similar level of WOW when upgrading from a common mobile phone. I’m in gadget love, no doubt.

In other news, I have been doing a lot of work on a little pet site I keep called AbsintheHour. It’s about absinthe, as you probably deduced. I keep that stuff away from regularjen as I’m sure many of you won’t give a flying poo about my minor obsession with the beverage and its lore. Feel free to see what I get up to over there though. I’ll leave a light on for you.

Part of The New Life includes the priority placement of art into daily life. Neil and I are both painting again and it feels marvellous. We’re working through a series of exercises from the book Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects and Techniques by Rolina van Vliet and now that we’re nearly ten projects into it, we’re finding that inspiration is hitting and paintings outside of the lessons are happening. I can’t tell you how much this means to us without waffling on needlessly. Believe me, the art thing rocks and we are feeling very good about it. If you want to see what the projects from the book are like, check out a site we put up to showcase them. We have added the extra fun of not telling you which of us created which painting, and you can guess in the comments. It’s fun!

Tonight is my leaving do at work. A handful of us girls are meeting for cocktails and nibbles later and I’m now down to eight days of part-time job left before I’m off the hook there. I truly wish I could be done already as I’ve got a boatload of work on the new business to keep me busy. So it goes. With everything else falling into place, it’s a tiny issue that is easy enough to work around.

UPDATE: Back from the evening out and it evidently wasn’t the leaving do, just drinks. So we’re having another get-together very soon. What a shame… 😀

3 thoughts on “Oh, hello!”

  1. Ah yes, the beloved Iphone.
    Many the adventure I’ve had from this resource.

    Be it you and yours or they and theirs thow shalt worship thy devine gadget known as….IPHONE.

    Ok not really, but it is a way cool gizmo. And she ain’t kidding. You can make calls with it. Honest.

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