4 thoughts on “Tiny Duck Fail – my Vimeo debut”

  1. They’re cute but rubbish 😀

    I’m new to the latest version of iMovie and didn’t know how to slow down the credits… For a 29 second video, I didn’t bother to learn. 😛

  2. …. and I’ve only just found out how to do stuff on YouTube via iMovie – I can see a lot of time being wasted – hurrah!!!.

    [You right click on the credit section [when highlighted] and it gives you an option to increase the length of time the credit roll …… rolls]

    Those ducks are rubbish ….

  3. Thank you DaddyP! I shall try the right click trick on my next cinematic triumph! 😛

    Yeah, now that I’ve joined Vimeo, I can see many hours of nonsense in my future. OK, many MORE hours of nonsense…

    Hank and Lou have been retired to the tub edge. They can have a dip when they learn to stay upright.

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