Art, meet Jen. Jen, this is art.

Despite a relationship with art going back further than is possible for me to remember*, I have slowly broken off communication with that part of myself, a process that has been degrading for the better part of fifteen years. My involvement with things computer-related and animal rescue/rehabilitation drained away the time I had to create and left me so busy that I barely noticed my art slipping away. I never maintained a proper environment for painting or creative endeavours at the last house I lived in, and to say I all but abandoned painting and drawing here in the UK would be sadly accurate.
No more.

Neil and I have been revisiting painting over the past several weeks and it feels FANTASTIC. We’re working our way through the exercises in a book called Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects and Techniques by Rolina van Vliet. I am both rediscovering my love of painting and immediately improving on my old ways of working, and Neil is finally becoming comfortable with how acrylic paints behave. (He’ll have to tell you more on his own site.) We’re having a damn good time and producing some good stuff. Neil is putting together a website on our work from the book and visitors will have the opportunity to guess which of us did each painting. I’ll get a link here when ready.

Yesterday we picked up two new easels (much better than his travel easel and mine meant for tabletop use) on sale at our local art shop and we have a whole mess of inexpensive canvases on the way. For the first time in years, nothing — not even myself — is stopping me from doing art. It’s exciting and feels like a homecoming.

If you dabble in art (or want to), we whole-heartedly recommend the book I mentioned above. It took me from feeling directionless and unfulfilled to giving me a path and I’m discovering some wonderful things along the way, joy and fearlessness being among them.

*My first grade teacher had me at the blackboard teaching my fellow students how to draw.