West Wittering

I covered my tattoos in sunscreen, but my un-inked skin is still a little pink across the upper back/neck area and my arms. I also have sandal tan; makes my feet look like they’re dirty…

West Wittering Beach is south coast gem just a little ways further than Chichester. I had been craving the sea and so Saturday we packed a snack, our camera gear, and pointed the car southbound. It’s absolutely lovely down there. If we weren’t already set on moving to Spain, I could seriously consider somewhere like Chichester.

See a few more pictures on my flickr page. Also, I hope to develop some possibly disastrous pinhole film photos during the week. Any worthwhile results shall be posted.

2 thoughts on “West Wittering”

  1. My favorite of this group is the photo of the fence…the metal posts and casual roping connecting them. Nice shadows, sky, and perspective.

  2. Thank you! I like the fence one too. I’m looking forward to developing some pinhole film I shot too… fingers crossed I get something out of the roll!

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