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For some reason today (planets in line? blue moon? spirit possession?) I tackled a small pile of mending. I grabbed my box o’ sewing notions and proceeded to pick thread colours. In there I found a handful of old Girl Scout badges. Some were Brownie, some Cadette, but all are what is now considered vintage. The rest of my Girl Scout stuff is packed away in the US, but these were the bits waiting to be sewn onto my sash and have been transferred from one sewing box to another for twenty-five years or so. Procrastination has been a life-long hobby of mine.

My favourite of the bunch is the cheapest looking one and simply reads (printed, not even embroidered) COOKIE POWER. Cookies are indeed powerful. Mighty, mighty cookies. And Girl Scout cookies? Though expensive, they are without a doubt, up there with Oreos as the most powerful cookies in the world. I’m just gonna sit here and drool for a moment while I think of Oreos and Thin Mints slugging it out like heavyweights in a vat of ice cream for my amusement and affection… Fight for my love, little cookies. Fight for it…

Back to the badges. I apparently earned a World of Today and Tomorrow badge called COMPUTER FUN (badge ID 9-756, bottom row – centre in the photo). I’m trying to identify the year, but so far my research only gives me 1963-1980. I’m certain I would’ve already been experimenting with a Commodore 64 in my gifted classes (a story for another day) but computers were never a part of my regular education until I had to briefly use one in Computer Aided Drafting at the Art Institute many years later. So I must’ve earned the badge around 1982 and then barely touched another computer until 1994– the year I bought one. Thank goodness COOKIE POWER saw me through my technological dark years.

I have attempted to decode my COMPUTER FUN badge and must report that though it is attractively embroidered, the numbers mean just shy of diddly squat.
Coverted, 0011110011 is:


Kind of a let down. Oh well. Still looks pretty cool. I guess COOKIE POWER would’ve been at bit much to embroider: 01100011 01101111 01101111 01101011 01101001 01100101 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110111 01100101 01110010

And speaking of cookies– if you can’t get Girl Scout cookies where you live, make your own using this link. 🙂

The binary used in the badge is apparently ‘simplified binary’ which seems to require fewer numbers. According to that system, badge reads GS, which is ever so appropriate. Points to Heather for translating. I never knew you could have binary that wasn’t divisible by 8… See the comments for links to the info.

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12 thoughts on “World of Today and Tomorrow”

  1. I never knew you were a Girl Scout. I have the patches with the seal on it, the cheap cookie power and the one with the theater masks on it. I think they are in my closet. Thanks for the smile today.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for that link! I’ve been looking for a good Tagalong recipe for years!

    I had a very short career as a girl scout, I think my badges are still in my parent’s basement.

  3. @Jodi: Yup- did a long tour of duty with the GS. I was up to assistant leader or something close. Too long ago for me to remember. And you’re welcome. 😀 (Must catch up again soon…)

    @Amy: You’re very welcome! The I definitely want to try the recipes myself! They look fantastic!

  4. Assistant leader?? Man you think you know a person.:) Are you going to be around Sunday? I can talk then. Lot’s to catch up on.

  5. wow, the memories! …I lost all my old GS stuff, but I know I had some of those exact patches & badges myself, which would only make sense since we went to GS camp together more than once 🙂

  6. @Heather- yup, your stash o’ patches should be very similar indeed! 🙂

    How did you get ‘GS’? I tried two different binary translators and it came up either ‘malformed – must be divisible by 8’ or ‘<'... GS would make sense. I'll try a third translator... (I should earn a badge for being tenacious. 😉 )

  7. Why Jennifer L. D.
    You little imp.
    Prodigy classes? Girl scout leader? What’s next…a stint at the convent? (Sister Jen does have a nice ring to it)
    As previously stated, “just when you think you know someone…”

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