Photo taken under a bridge on The Thames in Maidenhead.

I have had an amazing three days. I have spent loads of time with Neil, I have painted, read, photographed, cooked outdoors, slept well, played video games, done some writing, watched embarrassing amounts of Star Trek, listened to great music, and have laughed and smiled more than any time in recent memory. I know there’s more, but I’m sleepy and am struggling to type this before I go to bed.

I am a happy girl.

We went for an evening walk by The Thames in Maidenhead this evening; you can see more photos from it on my flickr pages.

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4 thoughts on “Happy”

  1. Thank you! And, yeah… I’ve been known to indulge in two – three episodes of Star Trek per day… sshhh… don’t tell! 😉

  2. I assume you’ve seen the new film ….. ’tis grand ….. actually laughed so much I cried.

    Anywhichway, meant to pop by the other day when I saw this piccy on my feedreader ……. magnificent!!! – rockets taking off, a Star Trek sky-line, a weird alien forest ……

  3. I certainly have… I was marvellously entertained!

    And thank you- I got far more from the photo data than I thought I would. A pleasant surprise!

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