Hard-wired sucker for freebies


If the company you work for gives away promotional pens, chances are I have one or have had one in the past. I am incurable. This is a handful out of my desk drawer. This is only what I’ve accumulated in the past few years or the ‘special’ pens I brought over when I moved from America. By special I mean: pens that are also highlighters, pens from Apple or Apple related events, any old shit… you know- SPECIAL.

I must get rid of these… well, all but the special ones.

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4 thoughts on “Hard-wired sucker for freebies”

  1. If it’s any consolation I had two drawers full of them – I threw one drawer out in the latest house move, but I literally sat there for an evening sorting out which pens I liked.

    Quite sad, really! Especially considering that these days I hardly use a pen at all!

  2. I love that the State Farm highlighter made the special pile. Are there any Woodman’s issued Sharpies in your drawer? If so I don’t know if I should be proud of you, or yelling at you to throw some shit away. 🙂

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