Taken on my walk home from work today. About a year ago I bought a small Nikon Coolpix for carrying around with me everywhere. I liked it in the shop, it met my price needs and seemed OK at the time. Turns out, I hate the thing. I know I’m spoiled with my Canon 450D, but my old Sony Cybershot from years and years ago pleases me more than the Coolpix. That said, I’ve slapped some batteries in it (which it eats up like a hungry kid in a pie eating contest) and am giving it another chance. It’s nice to have something besides my cameraphone with me for those times when I see a particularly defiant bit of greenery growing out of a brick wall.
Or yesterday’s IKEA shot. You know, the exciting stuff I need to record for all of history. πŸ˜‰

Really, it’s a decent camera for what it is (a cheap, slow, battery hog with minimal features) but it still takes a photo that I can work with. At the end of the day, that’s what I need. It ain’t no Canon, but it never claimed to be. I got what I paid for and I’m learning to appreciate it.

I’ve been feeling a bit stale with photography lately, so maybe putting down my big gun and going with this quirky little piece of kit will force me to look at things differently, much like switching to shooting mostly with a 50mm lens did recently.

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4 thoughts on “Defiant”

  1. Yep- there are much better in the class but I let myself be led with price and size, rather than size plus happy-factor. That’ll teach me!
    (Save longer- buy better.)

    It’s funny because our motto around Casa de Dixon for 2009 is “the right tool for the job / don’t make do”. Obviously, I bought the Coolpix before New Year’s…

  2. Great photo you snapped! Wonderful colour and stark contrast. I LIKE it!

    I have the Fujifilm S700 myself, and have found that while the colour/white balance is slightly off, it is still great for close up macro shots and fast-moving shots in conjunction with an Ultra-edition SD card. Though I was at the store the other day and saw that it is up to the S1200 for about $250, so I will need to upgrade by the year’s end!:)

  3. Hi Ben- Welcome to my other online home πŸ™‚

    Thank you- I did some post-processing in Lightroom and corrected the lens curve (mostly) in Photoshop. To the Coolpix credit, it captured enough usable data for me to make a picture I am pleased with.

    I haven’t used Fuji since I was regularly shooting film! I should have a look at their digitals…

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