How to make a low calorie pizza

Went to Pizza Express with Naomi this evening and we both tried a variety of their new low calorie pizza range. Turns out, combining healthy ingredients and not much cheese can work wonders. Oh, and cutting out the middle of the pizza and filling it with salad helps too. 😉

Not that I’m complaining. The pizza / salad thing was very tasty. Just wasn’t expecting it to be open in the middle with a big green mound of leaves piled on top.

Managed to get some writing done this weekend. My word count is far too low (only about 1100 words written) but I’m trying to ramp back up to at least that number every day. I know it’s possible (NaNoWriMo taught me that).

Slow news day here tonight. Bought a pizza with a hole in it, worked, wrote some stuff. And managed to spend a little time in the sunny weather. A pretty good weekend, I’d say.

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