Creature from the green lagoon

Well, fish from a very green pond anyway. I scooped out about half of the water and used it on the garden plants, gave Terrence and Philip (our goldfish) a fresh top-up, and did some research on how to manage the muck.

Turns out barley bales are the best way to go, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (like I’m going to argue with them) and so thanks to the power of Amazon — yep, they sell pond barley too — I have an incredibly sophisticated wad of barley wrapped in a mesh bag on its way to me. It will evidently last around six months. It’s nice to find a solution that doesn’t rely on chemicals or anything artificial.

In other news– I ran today.
First of all, I am not a runner. Never have been and I tend to be one of those that gets that annoying side cramp when I run for more than a few minutes. Despite my consistent dislike for it, I did run, and did it in some sort of training fashion. I walked, I ran, I walked, I ran. Rinse and repeat. For some reason I felt like doing it and it turns out that the green space in front of our block of flats is perfect for laps. No threatening traffic, no road pollution. I found the whole thing oddly enjoyable. I don’t know how often I’ll do it, but perhaps I’ll try to sneak in a minor run/walk workout a couple times per week. I’m still partial to yoga, but it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

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