Salt and Pepper Ghosts

We couldn’t resist picking these little guys up from a kitchen shop in Marlow today. They fit into a hug (clearly a form of paranormal wrestling) when not being used. I was initially overly excited by the salt shaker because in the glare of the plastic box that contained them I could not tell that he had dimples for implied eyes… rather, I thought the single hole made him a cyclops. A saltclops, if you will. Alas, once liberated from their confines I found he indeed has his mouth open and eyes shut, as if in briney song. Oh well.
They’re still adorable and I love the retro colours.

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5 thoughts on “Salt and Pepper Ghosts”

  1. The pic of the ghosts embracing is adorable. Daddy P. is going to get all teary eyed. šŸ™‚

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