An uncommon opportunity to experiment with food

I like to cook, yet I don’t do it often enough. Sure, I make lunch and dinner everyday, but I rarely need to get out an apron and take off my rings to play around with several raw ingredients. I don’t ever heat up ready-meals, but I typically keep my menus simple.

I recently watched a snippet of an old Keith Floyd programme (on in repeats) where he made spinach cream cheese puffs. I remembered the basic ingredients and made sure to include them on the next grocery order. Here’s what I did:

A block of puff pastry, rolled thin, will make around six of these mammoth treats. Be certain to flour the work-surface and the rolling pin frequently.
The filling was made with one beaten egg, two tubs of low-fat cream cheese, and cooked, shredded spinach. I folded the pastry around a generous amount of filling, brushed with more beaten egg, and sprinkled on some sesame seeds. The puffs were baked for around 15 minutes at 210c (fan-assisted oven).

Things I’d change next time: I’d add a pinch of garlic powder and salt to the filling and sprinkle a bit of salt on the egg coating before baking. Also, my last two puffs were rolled thinner and so the filling didn’t spill out when baking – they’re a bit tidier than the one in these pictures.

Made a good accompaniment to a bowl of tomato soup and some apple juice. Yum!

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5 thoughts on “An uncommon opportunity to experiment with food”

  1. Yeah, yeah… I have my moments. 😉
    They were pretty tasty, I have to admit. Good reheated for dinner too…

  2. Looks YUMMY! For a minute I thought you had a glass of beer in the picture, but then remembered who’s picture it was.

  3. You mentioned adding salt. I’d bet it would be great with Feta cheese (in the style of a Greek Spanakopita). Indeed, next time you might be adventurous and use phyllo/fillo pastry instead of flaky 😉

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