Good morning. I’m jabbering.

Hello there. I haven’t done a lot of everyday nonsense kind of posting for a while, so here’s one now.

The weekend was 50% good. I worked on Saturday, so that left Sunday to be the positive half. Neil and I headed to London for a Punch and Judy anniversary celebration. We went armed with cameras. We were not disappointed and the street photography opportunities were plentiful. I’ll process and post some of that kookiness soon.

I’m wading through my old photos and culling lots of shots that qualify as useless clutter. Mind you, ‘useless clutter’ photos are typically REALLY bad photos because I tend to packrat everything thinking that ‘ooh- with the right treatment, I’ll bet I can make something interesting out of that.’ And then I never do. I think it’s an attitude from when I did more physical art than digital. I used to keep every scrap of crap thinking that I could use it for something someday. The times that my rubbish stocks saved the day were regular enough that I kept on with the habit of collecting. This has leaked into my digital world and just as I’m reforming my habits in the physical, I’m attempting to cull the crap from my digital world. I can tell you, there is something liberating about deleting five unnecessary (and frankly bad) photos of a street sign. Rinse and repeat.

I’m also amazed at how I’ve (in my humble opinion) improved as a photographer over the past year or two. A quick stroll through my iPhoto library of unretouched detritus proves it. There are a lot of memories associated with most of my photos as my brain struggles daily to retain details, but sometimes a bad shot is just a bad shot and really shouldn’t be taking up the space on my hard drive. Remembering back to before I had digital cameras- OH HOLY MOLY did I spend a lot of money on tremendously awful prints. Yet I kept those for ages too, thinking I’d collage them into something genius one day. Erm, yeah, right.

So this morning, I’m weeding my digital garden of all the stuff that is cluttering my hard drive. In a real garden, sometimes it’s just nice to have miscellaneous green plant life filling in the gaps between the ‘proper’ plants, but on a computer it’s just a waste of precious, and finite, space.

I’ll share some of those photos from the Punch and Judy outing in the next day or two.

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