The orange grove girls

We happened upon what we call the “orange grove girls” on a stretch of the N-332 between Els Poblets and Oliva, heading towards Gandia.

The first time we drove this route we didn’t catch onto what was happening until too late to grab a camera. The delay in understanding the pattern was contributed to by an anomalous scruffy guy in a tatty jacket sitting comfortably in one of the first few dirt lanes.

This patchwork of photos shows what appear to be prostitutes at the access drives of groves; most seem to bring a chair for the day and take it away at night. We witnessed one girl wave at a truck driver, obviously the main targets of the orange grove flirtations. It’s likely the grubby guy we saw was taking a break in an empty chair as he walked the roadside, but perhaps he was just offering a slightly different service…

An empty chair would seem to indicate someone has taken a girl behind the cover of the grove growth. We didn’t see this behaviour on any other stretch of road but overhearing a couple of Alicante area retirees at the airport seems to imply that there is a problem with Russian and Romanian sex workers in Spain.

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2 thoughts on “The orange grove girls”

  1. Well, if you’re going to be a hooker, you might as well do it in a lovely warm place. Sure beats freezing your assets off in Russia!

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