Not what you think

I really have given myself a doozy of a task with this Script Frenzy thing. After a particularly rubbish brain day yesterday, I had a late evening “thinking bath” where I hatched the only good idea for the script I’d had all day.

Neil has reminded me that not only am I writing a script on an incredibly short deadline (remember, I have closer to 20 days to do this, rather than a month) but that I’m also learning how a script works at the same time. Formatting, language, resisting the urge to detail everything… SO different to a novel draft. Yesterday I stared at the index cards on my wall and at the mostly blank document in Scrivener and felt so very overwhelmed by it all. What the fuck am I thinking? A script? Is my story strong enough? Why on earth do I need to do this anyway?

After the thinking bath, I managed to write some of what I’d come up with and it’s beginning to make my document look like a script and less like the big scary void of failure. I went to bed with something accomplished and today I feel much more hopeful and positive. I am beginning to believe less in the existence of Writer’s Block and more in the pure crippling power of fear. It’s like passing through the opening of a cave known to all as the home of a monster and realising that once inside, it was the fear of the idea that kept it strong, not existence. Yes, I fear this project. Of course I fear failure. Undoubtedly, I fear that my writing will be complete crap and a waste of time. But Writer’s Block? Nope. It is certainly not that.
Who knew a bath could be so therapeutic.

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One thought on “Not what you think”

  1. Entertaining blog with cool photos!

    Re your fear that the writing is crap–acknowledge the fear and move on. Dont waste your precious time on it! Everyone has the fear. The main aim in this exercise is to finish the script. Stay focused on finishing, not on writing the next 8 times Oscar winner. You can tweak it if necessary after finishing, but for now just get to the end by the deadline!! It’s almost like you have to take off the Creative Hat after the initial burst of inspiration and put on the Processes Hat. You have the story, then you focus on the mechanics of getting it outlined in script format, then fill in with more dialogue or expo or directions as necessary. Done.

    And good luck!


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