I’d show you the hats if I could

But I can’t. No photography allowed.

Naomi and I went to the V&A for a wander around the Stephen Jones hats exhibition. It doesn’t sound much by description, but I assure you it was fabulous! The gift shop of the V&A even sells all the fixings for do it yourself hats. Mini top hats, feathers, headbands… all tremendously tempting, but even though they were reasonably priced as parts, as a whole I would’ve easily spent £50 on my creation. * sigh *

Lunch in the café was good, if expensive (as museum cafés tend to be). We took lots of photos in the tunnels leading to the V&A from the Underground, as well as some random street photography above ground. I shot with my 50mm again, and I am hooked on the lens.

Determined to find cheaper bits with which to assemble hats (I’m telling you, that exhibition is inspiring!) we headed to Primark on Oxford Street. That store heaves with shoppers like it’s Christmas YEAR ROUND. Minutes feel like hours. Your will to live dissipates and the urge to obtain dirt-cheap clothing is replaced with the desperate cry of WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE but first, you must navigate through the throngs of people changing their clothes in the aisles (you should see the changing room queues) and piles of abandoned clothes. It is crazy, but I am warrior-strong and came out with a funky cardigan and an organic cotton top at a combined cost of £6. Worth the soul destroying? The jury is out, but this was my second time in that shop and I have not enjoyed either. There is something about paying ten times more but keeping your humanity that will always keep the lights on at the Gap, Next, or Fat Face.

And I didn’t get a hat.

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  1. I’ve been in Primark twice (well…dragged in by a friend), the first time was awful, it smelled like feet!!!! The second time was slightly better (no feet smell), but it was like a jumble sale…..I don’t do jumble sales…it made me feel unclean. I got quite upset, it was a traumatic experience.

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