The garden got a bit more attention today in the form of five more shrubs. I also planted a dwarf bamboo, three astilbe, and a handful of flower bulbs. We found some really lovely solar lights at IKEA on Saturday and so those have been tentatively placed around the new English Laurel shrubs until we decide if we like where I’ve stuck them. I’ll bury the cables after we make that decision.

The weather is still a bit chilly but the sun has been brilliant. I think we may be out of the winter woods and into spring. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of the frog spawn from last autumn made it. I found no signs of life in the pond outside of worms and insects. Ah well, maybe next year.

Feels good to be out in the dirt again. I am not a particularly skilled gardener, but I do like to plant things and appreciate when they grow. Looking forward to seeing how the recent group of plants copes with my haphazard horticultural style. A bit of dirt, water, and encouragement – that’s how I garden.

I haven’t been particularly active on the blog lately and I’m not sure why that is. I hope to ramp up my post frequency now that the spell of winter has lifted. I’ve got some projects I’m working on and need to post about them. šŸ™‚

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