bringing back the yoga

This week marks week seven of yoga. Maybe eight. Around five years ago (when I was still living in the US) I was very nearly obsessed with it. I practised yoga at least five times per week and often slotted it in whenever I was standing still for more than a few minutes. I was in the best shape (and size) of my life.
Then I had a motorcycle accident.

My knee required a big chunk of flesh trimmed out and a series of stitches to close up the hole torn through my meat by pavement. The scar that remains is approximately an inch and a half long by a quarter inch thick. It ain’t pretty, but I could have ended up much worse. The damage of course ended my yoga practise. My knee is still, five years later, not right. Within six months of the accident I was moving to the UK. The disruption to my familiar routines was further thrown into chaos and although the experience went smoothly, I never did start my yoga with the same passion as before. I went through a few routines here and there, but my heart had tuned out. This, I’m pleased to report, has recently changed.

One of my work colleagues – brave soul, Naomi – wanted to learn and I wanted to practise again, so we finally (after a year of ‘we should’ talk) got our mats together and are committed to the weekly session. It’s fun again and different this time around. Before, I was practising alone. Now, I’m instructing as well as getting back into it myself. We follow dvds I burned of a (long off-air) show called Inhale. I’m beginning to move differently in my everyday activities. I feel better. I feel the commitment building and I expect to soon increase my routine to three days per week. My knee is still a bit temperamental, but overall I am feeling fantastic. I’m also looking forward to fitting into some of my old clothes from the ‘yoga’ years.

Yoga, if you haven’t tried it, is much more than exercise. Yoga is super for ADHD and depression. It is truly good for the mind and body, and I am already beginning to feel more positive.

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