With Neil’s ever-present encouragement, I’m taking my photography to the next logical level: prime lens usage.

I just received a 50mm f1.8 Canon lens and I’m loving the way it forces me to more completely engage in each photo I take. Composition, depth of field, and even post-processing are new again. I was beginning to feel stale in what I produced but that has changed. I hadn’t stopped learning before the 50mm, but I had settled in a rut.

Here’s a shot I took on my walk home from work yesterday. I crouched and shot quickly without more than a second to spare since another person on their way home from work was walking swiftly into frame from the left of the bench. I took a photo a few seconds before this one of the same subject and took my time doing it but I find that the rush of this one works so much better. I also liked the framing and did not crop it.

I tweeted earlier [Find me on Twitter here. ], “has the sensation that, today, I see more.”
It’s true, and applies to more than my photography.

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5 thoughts on “50mm”

  1. good to see – check out tacksharp.tv really good podcast for photography. As they recommend – strap a 50 on the camera and shoot, and shoot, and shoot.

    the 50 prime forces you to think more about your work, and you’ll always have your best creative moments when surmounting an arbitrary obstacle.


  2. Thank you Matt! Thank you Penfold! (sorry so late to reply x)

    And I’m having a ball learning how to work with the 50mm. Challenging, but is bringing a whole lot of new fun to my shooting.

  3. I remember when I first put my 50mm on my camera and hated it. What do you mean I can’t zoom?

    But, I quickly discovered just how much I loved it and eventually upgraded to the 1.4 model of the lens.

    Like you I love how the DOF forces you to really think about the shots. Take a picture of two people together sometime and it really makes you have to think about the photo.

    I also love how well it does in low light.

    Can’t wait to see more of your shots with this.

  4. Thank you CC! I took it out for a spin in London a few days ago- I posted one photo to this blog, but the rest are on my flickr. I’m really enjoying the new direction and change in the way I shoot.

    Low light situations rock for this thing. I can imagine the 1.4 is even more fab!

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