A kitchen I could love

After a weekend of retail work at the part-time job (which, incidentally, finally ended a somewhat unpleasant week there), I had today off. I will say that two separate customers made points to see me and thank me for something I did for them that made a difference in their lives. I’m not exaggerating. One nearly made me cry with joy, and the other allows me to feel what I assume the satisfaction of those in teaching professions experience. I wish I could break my self-imposed vow of job silence to share more, but trust me when I say that this past weekend more than makes up for the sins of the normal pack of rabid and drooling belligerents I deal with on the day to day.

This brings us to today, a day off. I have spent the majority of it in the kitchen, not cooking, but Spring cleaning. I have felt so good today! I understand that the joy of cleaning is not one shared by many sane humans, but I had such fun. I have weeded the cupboards of past date food items, done away with empty packaging and boxes that were tucked on a high pantry shelf in case a warranty claim presented itself, washed interior windows, arranged cupboards, wiped surfaces and cupboard doors, cleared paper ads off the fridge, and have a couple more square feet of countertop now.

You may not share my twisted bliss, but let me tell you that there is nothing more satisfying this evening than the fact that I’m typing this from a laptop on my kitchen counter. I could not have done that earlier today but now I have SPACE! CLEAN SPACE!

The last load of laundry (towels) is whirling away in the dryer and I have a well-deserved glass of wine at my side.
Life is good.
And clean.

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7 thoughts on “A kitchen I could love”

  1. I share your joy! I did the exact same thing on Saturday. I spent about 5 hours cleaning my house, the majority was in the kitchen. It made me feel really good knowing that my oven was as clean as when I moved in.

  2. “SPACE! CLEAN SPACE!” ????
    Still goofy as ever and still the Aeon Flux of let’s get stuff done.

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