Thinking Spring

I was clicking around looking for a particular sewing pattern (I don’t sew often, but I’m capable) and I started poking around a blog that had a photo of cream-filled strawberries.

“I have strawberries! I have squirty cream! I can DO THIS!”
I leapt from my office chair, grabbed my camera on the way out of the room, and got the things I needed from the kitchen. Did I read the recipe? Heck no. The photo was clear enough to me… ah, but I did not have all the facts. Upon returning after a prep, photo, and nom session, I clicked the link below the original inspiring photo. I was led to a much more complicated recipe than just strawberries and canned whipped cream. I can tell you now that I will never, ever make the more complicated ones, no matter how awesome they sound because I AM LAZY and also because I was just barely prepared for my variation (I only had four strawberries left in the house and don’t often have the squirty cream) and so anything requiring a real shopping list is seriously out of the question.

I think you’ll agree that the results look pretty freakin’ appetising, even though I took the easy way out. Very worth doing, and just the right snack to start thinking Spring.

Of note: If you’re not using a colour profile aware browser (Safari is, Firefox is not) then you are probably seeing rather dull colours throughout your browsing travels. The difference is dramatic, which hopefully you can tell with the side by side example I’ve captured below.
Left: Firefox
Right: Safari

Big difference, don’t you think? Come on browser developers- give us proper colour! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Spring”

  1. wow quite a difference. I typically run Safari, but on occasion use Firefox and I hadn’t picked up on the difference yet.

  2. Huge, isn’t it! You’d pass by the strawberries on the Firefox page.

    It’s certainly something for me to consider if I put up photos for sale or as a portfolio. Looks like screen capture (using SnapNDrag) produces a profile-free result, so now I need to learn to do that in other apps for the widest viewing.

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