An afternoon with Canon

I have to thank 1000Heads and CanonCameraBuzz for inviting me to oooh and ahhh over the latest Canon cameras! Thanks to Matt Whittle and the rest of his lovely colleagues for a really special event.

It started last Wednesday at a Starbucks in London where I met up with Matt, Benjamin, and Steve. We made our way to The Soho Hotel (very nice!) and not more than thirty seconds after entering the building we were marching past David Hasselhoff on the stairs! I spun around to capture something, ANYTHING of the moment and here’s what I got:

Yessiree- that’s The Hoff’s backside. Evidently, he had been down to the hotel gym and was to present at the Brit Awards later that evening.

Moving along-

The Canon 2009 Spring Collection was held during London Fashion Week, an event I believe they were sponsoring. A posh little room in the lower level of the Soho Hotel provided an intimate, if unfortunately lit, room full of Canon’s upcoming line of point & shoots all the way up to their big DSLRs and the amazingly beautiful LEGRIA line of video cameras. Canon gave me a press kit full of product images at the end of it all, but since this isn’t typically a gadget blog, I’m going to stick to the shots I took instead.
Suffice it to say, I saw and played with numerous cameras including: Ixus, PowerShot, and Legria. My favourite of the showcase was the PowerShot A2100 IS. Compact and good in the hand, it was as responsive as it was gorgeous. There were some more capable and some with fewer features, but this one was a perfect match for me. You’ll find it on my Amazon Wish List as soon as it becomes available.

Also impressive, the PowerShot D10. The damn thing is nearly indestructible! It works underwater, is 12.1 megapixels and can function even after being repeatedly chucked down stairs. A tempting little camera for a true klutz like me.

The Canon LEGRIA range was compact, easy to hold, and had an impressive features list. The top two of the three I played with were High Def but I must admit that I felt more comfortable with the lower end model. I’m no budding film maker, it has to be said.

We were treated to tasty beverages and nibbles, top service and attention from both the hotel staff and the event participants and organisers, and given playtime with a whole bunch of amazing new gadgets. I’m not sure who told who that I’d be a good person to send to this, but let me tell you: champagne and blogging are very compatible. A girl could get used to this citizen journalism thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have posted far more pictures from the event on my flickr page and urge you to have a look. Canon has some hot new stuff coming out and this girl is going to keep hitting refresh until she starts seeing them in shops.

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2 thoughts on “An afternoon with Canon”

  1. Thanks for posting all these yummy details. As a Canon guy your driving me nuts with a mix of envy and the urge to buy something new.

    I’m fighting both. *laugh*

  2. I could cruelly send you a press release or a professional product shot… just randomly and tempt you further… muhuwahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously, CC- you would’ve loved it! So much to play with!

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